Eviation partners with Clay Lacy Aviation for Alice’s all-electric aircraft charging stations


For more than 50 years, Clay Lacy Aviation has provided aircraft management, charter, maintenance, avionics, interiors, aircraft cleaning and fixed operator services which will now include charging of electric planes. In 2020, the company developed a comprehensive sustainable development strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and the environmental impact of Clay Lacy Aviation’s facilities and its customers. The addition of emission-free charging services for Alice for nine passengers and two crew members is another step towards the two companies’ shared vision for a sustainable aviation industry.

“Clay Lacy has long been proud of industry firsts and we are adding another through our partnership with Eviation,” said Brian Kirkdoffer, president and CEO of Clay Lacy Aviation. “One of those firsts was the introduction of the first carbon offset program and a strong sustainability strategy in the aircraft management industry. We are proud to go even further by charging the zero emission Alice to our fixed operators. “

“This partnership is just the start for Eviation as we seek to put in place the necessary supporting infrastructure to bring electric aviation to life,” said Omer Bar-Yohay, CEO of Eviation. “Through a network of visionary fixed operators, we can ensure accessible, fast and transparent charging as we move towards a cleaner future for aviation. “

“Now operators can choose to make a financially and environmentally sustainable choice for their aircraft,” said Roei Ganzarski, Executive Chairman of Aviation. “With partners like Clay Lacy Aviation, we are increasingly bringing communities closer to the option of clean and inexpensive electric flights. “

About Eviation AircraftBased in Washington State, Eviation Aircraft Inc. develops and manufactures efficient electric aircraft to make aviation a competitive and sustainable solution for regional mobility of people and goods. Its electric propulsion units, energy-dense batteries, mission-oriented energy management and innovative airframe are designed from A to Z for electric flight. Meeting on www.eviation.co.

About Clay Lacy AviationFounded in 1968 by an aviation legend and industry pioneer, Clay Lacy Aviation is the world’s most experienced private jet operator. For over 50 years, Clay Lacy Aviation has managed, maintained and operated jets from all major manufacturers worldwide. Serving business and global leaders, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, professional athletes, sports franchises, celebrities and dignitaries. By providing the highest level of security, service and value. For more information, visit the website www.claylacy.com.

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