Casa de la Memoria: the heart of flamenco in Seville

If we go to the opera in Italy or to have tea in London, for a flamenco show we went to Seville.

Casa de la Memoria: the heart of flamenco in Seville
John Harden | 4 minutos de lectura | Seville
Publicado el 13th November 2021 |

I have never felt anything like it. I had seen it hundreds of times on television and on some YouTube videos. I heard it on the radio and, I admit, I witnessed it too live once. But what I felt when i went to one of the flamenco shows at the Casa de la Memoria, in the Cultural Center of Seville, has no comparison. It was then that I realized it was worth coming. & Nbsp;

This was a real, natural event. It was not prepared for tourists. There were no waiters, no bar, and no small children to distract us. Everything was concentrated in an intimate space, overlooking the central courtyard of the building. In the theater and flamenco tablao we were the artists and the assistants. No one else. & Nbsp;

I had goose bumps. I could feel the throb of music in my chest. The atmosphere enveloped me in a captivating way. It seemed to me be part of the semicircular stage. He was a few steps from the dancer. If I stretched out my arm, I could almost touch the artists . All my senses had been focused on a single point. I lost the notion of time. I couldn't think of anything else. Just feel, see and hear what they were staging.

Without a microphone and without amplification, he enjoyed his voice and the music directly, better appreciating the different happy and sad flamenco styles. & nbsp;

I never imagined to be able to have at my fingertips the wonder of this art that everyone wants to imitate. With the option, in addition, to choose different shows every day. & Nbsp;

Who would say that this 15th-century building housed the old Stables of the adjoining Palace of the Countess of Lebrija ? Located in a privileged environment, this Palace-House has become the most recognized Cultural Center, Museum and Flamenco Tablao in the world of art. Everything in it dazzles the essence of the Sevillian tradition. With a beautiful flower-filled central courtyard, its impressive stone and brick walls conceal several rooms used as an art gallery and exhibition. A cultural center where all kinds of exhibitions and presentations of books and records take place. The ideal place to enjoy art in its pure essence.

Everything was concentrated in an intimate space, overlooking the central courtyard of the building. In the theater and flamenco tablao we were the artists and the assistants. No one else. & Nbsp;

Authentic gems from the world of flamenco, dance, song and guitar have passed through him. You will find the best artists on the current scene in this Cultural Center. & Nbsp;

To expand the options, since 2019, standing out for the same involvement in exhibiting the best of art, there is the Flamenco Cultural Center in Madrid. Another magical and special place to enjoy culture and the authentic flamenco show. In Madrid, the capital of Spain. A luxury available to everyone.

Special "Flamenco Force Afternoons"

I attended At 9:00 p.m. to the show Tardes de Fuerza Flamenca, a tribute to the Sevillian flamenco tradition. It features a top-notch cast of four exceptional artists. & Nbsp;

The dancers Maribel Ramos " Zambra " and David P & eacute; rez were accompanied by the cantaor Vicente Gelo and the guitarist Tino van der Sman.

Maribel Ramos was born in Barcelona in 1977. Her training as a bailaora took place in Almería, where she learned different styles: bowling school, classical ballet, Spanish classical folklore and flamenco. She has been part of the Casa de la Memoria since 2003, although during this time she has worked with the company of V & iacute; ctor Ullate or figures such as the film director Pilar T & aacute; vora. </ P>

David P & eacute; rez was born in Alcal & aacute; from Guadaira, where she at the age of 13 takes her first steps on stage. He has been part of Mario Maya's company, in addition to working with artists of the stature of the Montoya Family, Javier Barón, Lalo Tejada, Loli Flores and Mar & iacute; a Serrano, among others. He has been part of & ldquo; Carmen & rdquo;, by the playwright Salvador T & aacute; vora. As a teacher she has taught courses all over the world. In the Japanese company of the dancer Masamy Okada he has been a dancer and choreographer.

Vicente Gelo was born in Albaida del Aljarafe in 1976. He has been a guest artist at the National Ballet of Spain. In addition to being recognized with winners such as the "2011 Sevilla Joven Award", the 1st & ordm; Singing award "Sol de Oro de Lorca 2003" and 1 & ordm; cante award "Pepe Marchena 2008", among others. He has worked with the Chekara Orchestra of Tetuan and since 2002 he is part of the House of Memory </ p>

Tino van der Sman was born in The Hague, in Holland, in 1974. It started to study guitar at 12 and with 14 he traveled to Spain to train with the teacher Paco Pe & ntilde; a. In 1999 he fixed his residence in Seville. He has presented his album during the Holland Biennial, in Seville at the Duque theater and at the "El Chasse" theater, in Breda (Holland) with his own group. He has been part of the show by bailaora Leonor Leal in the Sala Joaqu & iacute; n Turina as well as at the Luxembourg Flamenco Festival in 2009 and 2010. He currently has three albums, including one with the collaboration of Miguel Poveda. He is part of the House of Memory since 2005. & nbsp; </ p>

Because if you want to really feel and enjoy a captivating flamenco show, this is the place you have to go. Let a true and passionate flamenco singing and dance envelop you, real, expressed with all its energy and strength. You will repeat . & nbsp;

Address of the House of Memory

Calle Cuna n & ordm; 6
41004 Sevilla Tel: + 34 954 560 670
Website: https://www.casadelamemoria.es/

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