Evening dinner cruise on the Seine: an unforgettable evening in Paris

Our experience aboard the best cruise on the Seine, enjoying an incredible dinner surrounded by the most famous monuments of Paris

Evening dinner cruise on the Seine: an unforgettable evening in Paris
Anna Smith | 12 minutos de lectura
Publicado el 13th November 2021 |

I have been to Paris many times. Visited the frequent places that travelers visit when arriving in the French capital. For example, I have been enchanted with the art of the Louvre Museum , recreated with the beauty of the Notre-Dame cathedral or with the views from the top of the Eiffel tower . But this time I have had the privilege of enjoying an unexpected experience, which has surprised and fascinated me in equal measure. A night cruise on the Seine accompanied by a luxury dinner.

Thanks to the cruise company Eiffel Croisi & egrave; res , I was able to participate, together with my companions, in a unique evening. I have discovered a way to get to know a different destination, from a completely new perspective. Everything, in an exclusive environment, while we delight in unforgettable moments. The night cruise on the Seine, aboard the ship Tosca , was captivating from the first moment. Touring the heart of Paris, surrounded by the most emblematic monuments, illuminated in the dark, configures a magical moment.

During the two hours of the river journey, we will witness the social life that flows parallel to the river beds. Our dinner took place on a Saturday night, so the sides of the Seine were packed with a crowd. Couples embracing, sitting on the wall, in front of hundreds of people having fun, chatting, drinking and dancing, in short, filling the whole journey with life. A bohemian, surprising and unpredictable setting. Without a doubt, this cruise is something I will repeat. on future trips to the so-called & ldquo; city of love & rdquo ;.

Paris, the City of Light

During our travels we discover cities that we see radically change between day and night . Paris is a good example. During the day, in particular the central area that surrounds the river Seine, is a constant coming and going of tourists, crowding the streets, something only comparable to what we find in Venice during the day. It is difficult to make your way through the bustling avenues, in front of thousands of visitors, who are led by their corresponding guides, jumping from monument to monument, while listening to the history of the city in their corresponding language, occupying up to the & uacute; last centimeter of the curb. But if the human traffic is intense, even more so is that of vehicles, a circulatory chaos that reminds us of our stay in Casablanca, where the lack of accidents seems only the result of one miracle after another.

But when night falls, everything changes. With the dark cloak the city shines in all its splendor . It is then that another of the nicknames of Paris is understood, & ldquo; the city of light & rdquo; or the Ville lumi & egrave; re in fracés. The bewilderment of the day gives way to the tranquility of twilight. And it is at this moment when the city earns its nickname, by its own merit.

A delicious dinner

The menu that we savor receives the same name as our ship, the Tosca . It is a menu magnificent. Once we are at our table, we start our evening with a delicious Blackberry Kir Royale , a surprising French cocktail that offers a perfect balance with its taste between sweet and dry. We set sail from the port and begin our journey through the waters of the Seine.

Moment in which our first course made a triumphal entry. An impressive seafood platter , which provoked the rest of the customers to turn their heads, while they fixed their eyes on our table. A great variety of cooked seafood, resting on a bed of ice that maintains all its flavor. Simply amazing. A gape, flavored with the sea, made up of lobster, oysters, prawns and other crustaceans. Used to enjoying hot seafood, eating it cold, on ice, it has been a real discovery. Exquisite . & nbsp;

& nbsp; We couldn't agree on the second course. Some of us opted for a delicious veal filet mignon with chanterelley sauce gratin potatoes, while others enjoyed the salmon coulibiac with dill emulsion and crunchy vegetables. Either of the two choices is a sure hit. The dessert did not disappoint. Duo of sweets , a round dessert for those with a sweet tooth, especially chocolate lovers.All menus include a sweet cakes, prepared by a chef who has the distinction n to be recognized as the best pastry craftsman in France . It is a real pleasure for the palate. The evening was accompanied by a good burgundy, a Ch & acirc; teau Camarsan , and water.

Menu for kids

They have certainly thought of everything. That is why they also offer a menu for the little ones, at a very affordable price. So that they too can enjoy a special evening. Composed of a Captain's hamburger, accompanied by mashed potatoes. or chips, and a Smurf's head ice cream for dessert. As a drink you can choose between juices, soft drinks and water.

The perfect and personalized moment

The flexibility of Eiffel Croisi & egrave; res is one of its characteristics, in order to offer the most satisfying and unforgettable experience. Thus, it is possible to hire other types of additional services, such as a birthday cake or a bouquet of roses , to have the perfect romantic night.

Other available menus

Our menu He is not the only one who is available at Eiffel Croisi & egrave; res. You can choose from a menu more economical (the Admiral menu) or higher, washed down with champagne throughout the night (the Prestige menu). They adapt like this to tighter budgets and more bubbly tastes.

Book the best location on the ship

Securing the best place, in the VIP section or by the window, carries a small supplement, but without a doubt, for an unforgettable night, it is more than worth it. So we avoid missing incredible views that we will never forget. The front end is undoubtedly the best place. & Nbsp;

"We had a romantic night of dreams! The service is perfect! The food is very good!" nathaliem

Brunch by the river Seine

In addition to this incredible dinner, Tosca offers a brunch every Sunday while spending hours crossing the heart of Paris. A buffet of sweet and savory dishes in a very cozy atmosphere. All this accompanied by good music. In the menu We will find a salty part, with all kinds of charcuterie, cheeses, scrambled eggs with black truffle, smoked salmon or vegetable roast beef, among other delicacies. On the other hand, in the sweet buffet, they offer us an assortment of mini cakes, mini crepes with jam, nutella and honey, as well as fresh fruit and chocolate sweets, again, from the hand of the best pastry shop in France.

Seine river tour

We will depart from the port of Debilly, in the direction of the Statue of Liberty . But don't worry, we won't get to New York. We will see a smaller replica, located next to the Seine, which is identical to the famous statue of the New York port, which the French gave to the Americans for their independence from the British. Then we will pass near one of the icons of the city, the Eiffel Tower . Built for the Paris Exhibition, it was designed by Gustave Eiffel, from whom he took the name.

We will pass in front of the Invalids , where the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte is located, in addition to seeing the Great and the Small Palace, two majestic buildings. We continue leaving the Musé d'Orsay , a national museum, on the right bank of the river. It houses masterpieces such as "Olympia" by Manet, "The fourteen-year-old ballerina" by Degas and "Dawn of the world" by Courbet. The Louvre Museum awaits us later With a construction area of ​​more than 135,000m2, it is the largest palace in Europe and houses the largest museum in Paris. The museum's most iconic works are Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa", Venus de Milo, Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People", and the "Winged Victory of Samothrace." It is the most visited museum in the world, with eight million visitors a year.

Below, Notre-Dame de Paris is the cathedral of the capital and seat of the Archbishop of Paris. Unfortunately the fire that devastated her recently made it impossible to visit. At the end of the tour we will find the AccorHotels Arena , formerly known as Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. A multipurpose room where all kinds of cultural and sporting events are held, such as the Paris Masters, the Paris Judo Grand Slam, as well as as concerts for great international artists. The site is being preparing to host tryouts for the upcoming Olympic Games in the summer of 2024.

"We had a great night, everything was more than we expected; the food was very tasty, the atmosphere was exceptional and the staff was first class" Vaux J

When an image is worth more than 1,000 words

It was a pleasant surprise to have a professional photographer on board. In many tourist attractions we meet staff who take photographs, usually reluctantly and with rather poor results. But in this case the experience was very different. The images were taken with exquisite treatment. With special care for details , such as poses or looks, which guarantees the best memory.

Without a doubt, he is a great expert with great empathy with all the diners. Some unique images that we will take a memory for a lifetime of our walk along the Seine, although they will be very difficult to forget. This is a totally optional service, but one that we cannot stop praising.

A special moment for a special occasion

Eiffel Croisi & egrave; res , with more than 20 years of experience in events and river catering, also offers a series of special menus for very special dates. Celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner in the most romantic atmosphere you can imagine, while a musician makes love flow. The night of July 14 or even the eve of Christmas are other occasions that deserve a special celebration. & Nbsp;

The Eiffel Tower, better from the Seine

The ravishing beauty of the one known as the " Iron Lady of Paris " reaches its climax at the end of the day. At night, with her profile fully illuminated by her, she stands majestically in the center of the city. A beam of light crosses the Parisian firmament, reaching its peak at o'clock, when its entire structure begins to sparkle, with countless flashes, which are visible from almost the entire city. This incredible spectacle cannot be appreciated if we are inside the tower.

For this reason, if we do not want to miss it and we want to be fascinated by its beauty in all its splendor, the most advisable thing is to see it from a distance, and if it is dining on a boat like the La Tosca < / strong>, much better. In addition, climbing the Eiffel Tower can become a most frustrating experience. The number of queues that we will suffer to reach the highest and the crowds that saturate the monument make it an exhausting and unsatisfactory experience.

Contrary to what we have experienced in cities like Florence, where if we want to see Michelangelo's David, in the Accademia Gallery, we have to pass a single queue, which limits the number of sheer number of people who can visit the museum at the same time. This allows you to calmly enjoy the works, without having to fight your way through crowds that prevent you from seeing the works.

But this doesn't happen at the Eiffel Tower. Without apparent control of the number of people who enter, we will find ourselves surrounded by hundreds or thousands of tourists on each floor. In 2015, 7 million visitors visited its interior. This year, the revenue forecast, according to the concessionaire SETE, is 100 million euros , which makes it a money-making machine. This forces tourists to fight each other for a tiny space, from which to see, in a bad way, some of the views that the different plants provide. Elbowing yourself into a hole is common and getting a good photo is almost a miracle.

But if the space where we can move is already overwhelming, even more so are the queues. If we have not bought the tickets online, we can spend hours in front of the ticket sales office, as indicated on its official page. In addition to passing the different security controls, especially with the current situation of terrorist alert in Paris and of course, with their respective queues. Once we have passed these records, we will come to another wait to go up to the first elevator that takes us from the ground floor to the second.

Then another, with its corresponding zigzag, awaits us to continue ascending to the top. Once there, making our way through a crowd we will climb the last stairs that take us to the highest point of the tower. But the queues do not end here, to descend, we will have to repeat the same waiting ritual. This destroys the romantic idea that many people have before climbing the Eiffel Tower.

But don't worry, everything has a solution. If we want to maintain the bohemian and Parisian essence of the collective imagination, the best thing I can recommend is to be comfortably seated at La Tosca, with our glass of Blackberry Kir Royale, enjoying everything that the Eiffel Tower can offer us, from the distance, rather than feeling burdened and tired inside.

Some phrases in French for tourists

If we visit Paris and want to search for cruises on the Seine, it will be It is necessary to know some expressions in this. " Bateaux Parisiens " are the Parisian boats (bateaux) (Parisian) or in the singular " bateaux parisien ". If we mean the Seine in French we would say " la Seine ".

But we make it easy for you to make a reservation with the company that we recommend, Eiffel Croisi & egrave; res , and without having to do any search, or use portals like Civitatis, saving a lot of money. For that we leave you a direct link to their website, where you can see all the prices of an incredible cruise on the Seine, in addition to all the information about their services, in French and English :

Location of Eiffel Croisi & egrave; res

Boarding takes place in Port Debilly, in front of 34 Avenue de New York (75016 Paris). Going down the stairs that give access to the boats, on the right side. It is recommended to be half an hour before departure time. They queue in front of a sign with the company logo and under a banner with the same image. There is no need to worry if we find ourselves in front of a different boat, since we will cross this boat to reach the Tosca , something that is very curious. Contact phone: 06 67 92 04 26 & nbsp;

Other clients' opinions about Eiffel Croisi & egrave; res

Here We leave you some opinions of TripAdvisor users with which we cannot agree more:

"We had a great night, everything was more than we expected; the food was very tasty, the atmosphere was exceptional and the staff were first class. I highly recommend this experience! We were a group of 6 and we have been extremely well looking after all night and we felt right at home. The music was lovely and relaxing, the view was amazing! Thank you everyone from le Tosca for making our night memorable ! " Vaux J -Manchester, United Kingdom

"We loved the experience !! The attention was very nice, friendly people. Excellent and tasty food and wine with a welcome glass of champagne. A very nice photographer took beautiful photos of us for a price Logical.Very safe navigation and a beautiful view of Paris at night looking at the whole city across the Seina river! I highly recommend this tour crosiere in Paris! precious here. " Luis R

"Nice afternoon on the Seine to end a 4-day stay. Classroom, friendly welcome, excellent food and consistent with the description. Opt for the Admiral formula ... with a bottle of wine. Access is via the bridge stairs on the Jena Trocadero side (right bank). A good time to go to 2. " Canco25600 - Doubs, France

"We had a great time on board the Tosca: very good food, pleasant cruise through the most beautiful monuments of Paris, very nice staff, in short, a romantic and magical hiatus. .. I recommend " sandfavier - Troyes, France

"We had a romantic night of dreams! The service is perfect! The food is very good! Thank you very much for these magical moments!" nathaliem - Maisons-Alfort, France

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