Nuki presents a new Smart Lock generation: Smart Lock 3.0 & Smart Lock 3.0 Pro

With the new Smart Lock 3.0 and Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, Nuki presents the next, improved generation of retrofittable smart door locks.

Nuki presents a new Smart Lock generation
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Publicado el 11th November 2021 |

With two brand new Smart Locks and an extended range of accessories, Nuki further expands its position as European market leader in the field of retrofittable access solutions. At a price of just under 150 euros, the Smart Lock 3.0 offers an attractive entry into the world of smart access systems. With a new colour version, brush-finished aluminium knob, battery pack and integrated Wi-Fi, the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro sets new standards in its category.


  • Nuki introduces a new Smart Lock generation
  • Smart Lock 3.0: affordable starter with proven Nuki technology
  • Smart Lock 3.0 Pro: two colour options, integrated Wi-Fi, aluminium knob, Power Pack
  • Significantly quieter thanks to an optimized gearbox
  • A new external door sensor extends the product portfolio
  • Nuki universal cylinder offers increased compatibility
  • Upgrade program: door sensor for free with the purchase of a Smart Lock 3.0 Pro for previous generation Nuki Smart Lock owners
  • Pre-registration for all new products is now possible at


  • Nuki Smart Lock 3.0: 149 Euro
  • Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro: 249 Euro
  • Nuki Door Sensor: 39 Euro
  • Universal Cylinder: 79 Euro

New Smart Locks for more smart doors

So far, more than 200,000 doors in Europe have already been made smart thanks to Nuki, offering residents more convenience in everyday life without compromising on security. "Currently, only about 1.5 percent of single home and apartment doors in Europe are smart," explains Martin Pansy, CEO and co-founder of Nuki Home Solutions. "However, we do believe that smart technology improves everyday life and can make it substantially more convenient. To further speed up the growth rates of smart access solutions, we now offer the Nuki Smart Lock in twovariations. With the Smart Lock 3.0, available for 149 euros, we offer an affordable starter version, while our new Smart Lock 3.0 Pro scores with a large equipment package."

The new generation

Both Smart Lock versions have a lot in common. Like their predecessors, both third-generation Smart Locks can be mounted on almost any door lock without drilling holes. The engine is as powerful as ever, and the new, optimized gearbox is noticeably quieter. As before, the locks can be operated directly via the button on the round knob, which now has an improved pressure point.

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